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Global Outreach – studijní pobyt v USA 2007/2008

Akce se konala: 1. září 200730. června 2008
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1. září 2007
30. června 2008

Letos v únoru proběhly na naší škole přijímací pohovory s uchazeči o studium ve Spojených
státech. Tuto možnost nabízí našim studentům katolická organizace Global Outreach, která
spolupracuje s církevními školami v pěti státech střce Global Outreach, která spolupracuje s
církevními školami v pěti státech střední a východní Evropy. Každoročně zve také několik
studentů Biskupského gymnázia, aby strávili celý školní rok v hostitelských rodinách a na
středních školách v Nebrasce, Wisconsinu nebo Minnesotě. Při letošních pohovorech
zaznamenali naši uchazeči velký úspěch; ke studiu v USA bylo pozváno pět studentů
Biskupského gymnázia.
Zážitky z loňského pobytu v USA popisují tři absolventi tohoto programu:

My American Experience

Once upon a time there was a small leaflet pinned up on the wall with some information
about a one year stay in the US. When I saw it I thought: “This could be a good chance for
me to improve my poor English skills!” and I applied. While filling in the application form I
found out that this wasn’t just an ordinary English stay abroad, this was something bigger.
This program is called Global Outreach and its mission is to bring young people together
from all over the world. I realized that I’m a part of one big family and I was very happy to
be chosen. I was also eager to find new friends, learn new things about another culture and
stay for a year with a host family.
Many people told me that for them a year is a really long time to be away from their
families and friends. But my host family and I bonded really well and we had much in
common. Over the year we went through a variety of experiences, we travelled a lot and
most importantly we had a good time. All the kids at school were really friendly to me and I
made many new friends, so at the end of my stay I didn’t want to come back to the Czech
Right now I’m studying for the maturita exams and I can’t wait for the summer. My plane
tickets are bought, my visa has been approved and most importantly, my host-family and my
friends are looking forward to seeing me again.

(Pavel Rotschein, OKB)

Last year an American organization called Global Outreach gave me an opportunity to study
for one year in the USA. I was studying at Edgewood High School in Madison, Wisconsin.
At the beginning it was a challenge for me to get used to a different culture but after a while
I adapted to the American lifestyle. The fact and feelings of being separated from my family
and friends were overcome by the warm acceptance of my host family and new classmates.
This experience made my stay wonderful. A wide range of subjects, extracurricular
activities and sports enriched the year and became an important part of my lifetime
experience. The time spent in the USA went by really quickly and I tried accordingly to take
advantage of everything I did. By spending time with my host family and friends I gained a
lot of experience and learned about their traditions, manners and culture as a whole from a
different perspective. From that point on you lose your stereotyped way of thinking about
the Americans. What has America taught me? To be an independent, responsible and
confident person.

(Dominika Fernandová, 4B)

I was in the United States for a year. I attended Lourdes High School in Oshkosh in
Wisconsin. The beginning was not great. Our Czech group missed the plane in Atlanta, so
we had to spend our first night in America at the airport. I was really worried that the rest of
the year would go the same way, but in the end I enjoyed the year a lot. I got to know
American culture, I met new people and made a lot of close friends. I could not speak
English very well the first month and I had a hard time, missing my country, family and
friends, but the American people were really friendly and helpful. Especially my host
family. They accepted me like another daughter. I still communicate with my host family
and I miss them so much! I am grateful to Global Outreach for this amazing opportunity to
Global Outreach – a catholic programme for young learners. I recommend this type of
experience to everybody. You can get to know a different culture, meet new people, grow up
and learn how to be responsible. It is well worth it.

(Jana Kocianová, 4C)

Webové stránky programu Global Outreach:  http://www.globaloutreach.comehere.cz/